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Phone / Teléfono
Phone / Teléfono
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589 Eighth Avenue, 14th Fl.
New York, NY 10018

(212) 475-0222

COAC New York Council on Adoptable Children

COAC Staff


Estefana Avila, Family Circle of Support Staff Attorney
Deanna Brown, NYC Family Permanency Center Family Counselor
Akilah Bryan, NYC Family Permanency Center Family Care Coordinator
Joann Buttaro, Executive Director
Delia Caban, NYC Family Permanency Center Program Director
Lawrence Campbell, NYC Resource Center Family Care Coordinator
Stefanya Causey, Helping Hands Family Care Coordinator
Shaima Chowdhury, Family Circle of Support Paralegal
Carly Creelman, Family Circle of Support Family Counselor
Iris Gomez, Front Desk Secretary / Receptionist
Yvette Gonzalez, Family Circle of Support Family Counselor
L. Milena Gutierrez, Kinship Connections Family Care Coordinator
Cyndi Morales, Family Circle of Support Program Director
Michelle Rodriguez, NYC Family Permanency Center Program Assistant
Beatriz Sanchez, Family Circle of Support Family Care Coordinator
Damaris Soler, NYC Resource Center Family Counselor
Mandy Tarloff, NYC Resource Center Project Director
Kathleen Ward, Fiscal and Operations Manager


Alma Scott-Buczak, President
Gaetana M. Manuele, L.C.S.W., Vice President
Kathleen Roseme, Secretary
Duncan Whiteside, Treasurer
Claude Aska, Director
Kelly J. Garrone, Director
Jennifer Kjos, Director
Enrique Paez, Director
Meagan Van Harte, Director

Joann Buttaro, Executive Director


These publications are from the COAC archive

COAC Comic Book - Planning for Tomorrow Today 

Planificando Hoy Para Mañana - COAC Comic Book in Spanish

Finally A Family

Finalmente Una Familia

Forging Connections: Challenges and Opportunities for Older Caregivers Raising Children (English only)

Quien Me Cuidara? (Spanish only)


The Road/El Camino COAC Final Evaluation Report 2005-2010 (English only)

Resource Guides

COAC Resources for Adoptive Families and Professionals (English only)

World Trade Center Resource Guide 

Guía de Recursos del Centro Mundial del Comercio