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Hurricane Sandy Help


Contact: Joann Buttaro
Program Director
Phone: (212) 475-0222 Ext 212
Fax: (212) 714-2838

The goal of the Hurricane Sandy Project at COAC, “Stronger Than Before,” is to serve individuals and families who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy in NYC.  We would like to extend our services to those who can benefit from them.

For many, recovery from Hurricane Sandy continues to be a complex and challenging process. Because of this, many survivors of Sandy are also experiencing a range of emotional reactions and needs during the long-term recovery process.  These reactions and needs are common during and after any disaster.

The "Stronger Than Before" Project at COAC offers a range of services:

Supportive Counseling will offer psychological support to adults, children and families.  These services can be one on one or family sessions.  Supportive counseling will help adults cope with their emotional and psychological needs and the needs of their children.  Supportive counseling will help identify and access other forms of help they may need (medical care, long term therapy and other supports).

Client Advocacy and Service Coordination.  We will provide advocacy and service coordination to ensure that clients’ needs are met and they receive the services they require.  Program staff will accompany clients to meetings and appointments and make follow up calls on their behalf.

Referrals to other services.  Program staff will identify other resources and services for families; this may include medical and psychiatric treatment, housing and transportation assistance.

Emergency Preparedness.  We will help clients make emergency preparedness plans following American Red Cross guidelines.  Plans will include a delineation of evacuation routes and exits, identifying where families will meet and the responsibilities of different family members during a crisis, and choosing an out of area emergency contact person.  We will help clients understand the resources they will need to have prepared in their homes (such as go-bags, basic disaster supply kits, first aid kits, battery powered radio, water, medication, etc.) and help them prepare copies of family documents, identification and bank account information.

Preservation and stability of families and individuals affected by Sandy is our main
concern.  If you or someone you know has been affected (regardless of legal status) and can benefit from our services at COAC please contact us.  We have program staff that speak Spanish and French Creole and can reach out or set up a meeting at an individual’s convenience and preferred location.