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COAC New York Council on Adoptable Children


Upcoming and Past Projects


New Americans Program- Assisting families in their time of need



The New Americans Program ensures the safety and well-being of children of undocumented parents who may face deportation by helping parents create well-informed plans for the future of their children, counseling to help families process their fear, anxiety, and depression that could be present in the household, as well as offer case management and/or make referrals to culturally-appropriate social service agencies, such as the Elmhurst Baptist Church. 


Our team is made up of a social worker, attorney, and paralegal who will work to support the family. Services such as individual and family counseling, legal consultations, permanency planning, referrals, and legal workshops can be provided in the home, community, and/or office. 

Program eligibility-

At least one person in the home in need of immigration assistance, children under the age of 21 residing in the home, and reside in NYC. 

why we do this-

Since 1992, COAC has been providing assistance to parents to plan for the future of their children and avoid placement into the foster care system. To do so, COAC has been providing joint legal and social services to families to improve their quality of life and ensure a stable home and future for children. COAC's vision is to ensure that every child has a permanent, loving, and nurturing home and family. 


The New Americans Program was created in partnership with the Morgan Stanley Strategy Challenge.

The New Americans Program was created in partnership with the Morgan Stanley Strategy Challenge.










The goal of the Hurricane Sandy Project  “Stronger Than Before,” was to serve individuals and families who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy in NYC.

The "Stronger Than Before" Project  offered psychological support to adults, children and families.   Supportive counseling will help adults cope with their emotional and psychological needs and the needs of their children.  Supportive counseling helped identify and access other forms of help they needed such as medical care, long term therapy and other supports Client Advocacy and Service Coordination, referrals, and emergency preparedness workshops were also offered to ensure clients were prepared in the event another disaster occurred. The program was very well received and successful. 

"Adoption and recruitment program"

This program offered prospective adoptive parents an insight into the adoption process, such as requirements, the statistics of children waiting to be adopted, and offered workshops, training and home studies for parents to know what to expect when going about the adoption process. The program assisted many families prepare for adoption and made the process easy and enjoyable.