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COAC New York Council on Adoptable Children


Want to Adopt?

information on adoption services in New York and across the country can be found below.

There are four different types of adoption: international, independent, agency and foster care. Here are some organizations that can help you with these types of adoptions. 

Holt International handles international adoptions. They are located in Eugene, Oregon.  


1-888-355-HOLT (4658) 

Spence-Chapin is an agency that deals with agency and domestic adoptions. They are located on the upper east side in New York City.



The Adoptive Parents Committee is an educational, informational parent support group for couples and singles who have adopted and for those seeking information about adoption. The purpose of the organization is to provide the most up-to-date information on all types of adoption including domestic (agency and independent) and international adoption. They also help families who have adopted in dealing with all issues involved in the lifelong experience of adoption. They have monthly meetings in New York City, Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey. Their annual conference is in November to celebrate National Adoption Month.


(212) 304-8479

You may want to consider adopting children from foster care. There are different ways to adopt a child or children from the foster care system. Children in foster care who are waiting to be adopted vary in ages but the majority of them are 10 years old and above, they may be siblings and some reside in institutions which provide therapeutic services. The NYC Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) is the child welfare system of New York City.

You must be associated with an agency in order to continue with the foster care adoption process. Agencies will need to be in contact with an established, authorized agency for the staff to be asked questions of the applicant and verify that the applicant has been certified as a foster and/or adoptive parent. The certification process requires you and any household member over the age of 18 to submit fingerprints for a criminal check across the country, submit where you have lived for the last 28 years to make sure there is no history of abuse or neglect of children in your care, medical check of all household members regardless of age, references, home visit to see if it meets state regulations and other documents such as birth certificates and social security records.

It's best to call ACS for more information at (212)-676-WISH. 

There are agencies that may assist you to adopt foster children across the state and country. These agencies charge fees that vary. Please contact them for more specific information. 

Downey Side  (212)-714-2200

Family Focus (718)-224-1919

Family Services of Westchester (914)-948-8004

Once you are certified, you can start looking at different websites to look for children. Here are some you can check out:

Heart Gallery 

Wednesday’s Child

NYC Administration for Children's Services 

Adopt Us Kids 

We hope you find this information helpful and wish you much luck in completing your family.